Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Belated New Years

Whats up guys?

Happy belated Christmas and new years.Here's to a new year of new experiences, new beginnings, a clean slate you could say.

Haven't really thought about my new years resolutions that much, don't know why. lol. I'll try to think of some new ones along the line, but for now its; improve my social experience, get into better shape, and work on my craft & passion, which is my artistic ambitions in graphic design & art.

On the another note, my Texans defeated the Bengals in a wildcard game this past Saturday. Now thats wazzup.They just gotta stay focused and not get to relaxed & non-chalant about it. Remember, these are the NFL playoffs, which is another level of intensity.

See ya when  I see ya folks, just wanted to give ya'll an update. Later.

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