Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Belated Valentines & Martin Luther King

Wazzup guys....been awhile huh?.....I know....You can say I been busy of sorts.

Been designing and working mostly....I think I mentioned that on my last post huh? idk, I don't
really remember. lol. Valentines day was yesterday.......

Yet.....I didn't really do anything. I washed my clothes, checked on my vehicles, stay homed and chilled the rest of the day. No chocolate, no flowers, no candy, no card to buy. To be honest......I was a tad bit....just a tiny bit(lol) sad I had to spend valentines alone, but its whatever. Maybe next year will be different.

Oh and Martin Luther King, happy belated birthday to him as well. He was a god-fearing man of great brilliance and courage, someone who despite was demonized and punished because of his skin color, proved to everyone that strong unity and ambition towards a positive goal can overcome the hardest of obstacles. We love and miss you Dr. King.

Its black history month....had to through that in

On the sports side of things, I been hearing alot about Jeremy Lin of the knicks. Dude can ball, I admit. But
it remains to be seen if he can sustain it at this level, because teams will start studying film of you heavy once
you start getting noticed. We'll see. In NFL news, Randy Moss wants to un-retire so to speak. I know it seems like a gamble because he takes some plays off, but for my Texans, since we desperately need a #2 receiver, I'd take a shot with him. Granted he's older at 35, but he can still show up at tip-top shape and run a 4.3, yeah, I down with it. But thats my opinion anyways.

Before I jet, go one last thing......R.I.P. to one of the most incredible singers of our generation, not to mention a beautiful soul and  human being.....Whitney Houston. You will be greatly missed...

Alright has been lovely...I'll catch up with ya'll later....1