Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The WTH Moment of The Day: Employee gets fired for wearing an NFL tie for opposing team...

Browsing through the net, I came upon this interesting story.This made no sense to me. Granted, it does seem
a little weird to wear a Packers tie to your workplace in Chicago, especially where they just beat your city's team in the NFC title game. But even though the car dealership may have a strong relationship with the Bears, it should not have warranted such a strong response from management to have to fire him. Management could have simply handled the matter better; a simple asking him to "take off your tie please" would have sufficed. Now obviously, the employee didn't think management was serious in the matter, not over a tie,  but that obviously wasn't the case. Nevertheless, it seems the two side have moved on, preferably Mr. Stone, as he has appears to be in talks with another dealership to land another salesman position's good. Hopefully, he won't have to endure this kind of disrespect from any future management for a small dress code issue that did not have to come to its distasteful conclusion.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome To M3, MY53LF, & I: TH3 L1F3 OF A 89ER

Hello, Everyone. Welcome to M3, MY53LF, & I: TH3 L1F3 OF A 89ER. My name is Gary Jr. Born and raised in Houston, TX, July 13th, 1989. This blog serves as a daily journey through my eyes; a healthy dose of music, sports, art, and news from my perspective. We all have likes, dislikes, morals, views of the world, ect. I'm choosing to share mine with you via my this blog. Granted, their are other avenuse & social media where I could be doing this(Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, ect.)But I wanted to do something a littledifferent this time, plus i'm a visual person when it comes to venting(you'll find out Anyways, ladies & gentlemen, Welcome to my blog MM&I:89. I hope you enjoy the content the blog has to offer, as well as understanding or at least respecting my views on the world & everything in it. Lol. Until then, next time, its been real.Holla