Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ain't Much Changed: Ya'll Miss Me Part III....

Hey are you?....been doing alright....*hears crickets*

not much has changed for the past year or so...

i've still been working in the security field.....i just got promoted like 2 months or so ago.....that was pretty cool....its different....a bit more of a challenge, but one that i be least for

i'm still trying to get into the air force, but it's looking more and more like it'll be awhile before i even get started in basic....budget cuts, new recruits, veteran placement, ect
so...gotta keep praying and waiting so to

been thinkin' about going back to school for engineering....not sure yet...wouldn't hurt to go back and get my bachelors in my field, then get a career with more $.......hmm....not bad at all actually.....

can't believe it's been a year since my last post....i thought i would be doing more postings after that
one....i never posted again for the entire gotta start including more subject in my posts...
like music, sports, or like general topics....idk....we'll see.... hell...ain't no gurantee you see me again
after this post(I'm jokin'.....i'll post again...least i hope something or when i feel like it...

but yeah...wanted ya'll to know whats been going on....notta got damn

later all...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wazzup: Ya'll missed me Pt 2

Hey all...It's been a minute.

Haven't posted in a bit so I'll let ya know what I've been up to.

Well....first off....I moved to another house. Somewhere about maybe a good 15 minutes, but nonetheless, a nem setting, new neighborhood.  The people around the area seem alright.....for now at least. lol

Heard some good news about my military endeavor. My application and paperwork has been approved for the Air Force. A small congratulations are in order.....*waits for somebody to clap*....Yep..Now I gotta take my physical exam and do more paperwork so that they can hopefully find a position for me. I'mma continue to pray for this like I've been doing.

I've been designing a little less lately to be honest. Haven't even sketched or began drawing either.....I wanna get back into that as well......

oh....I wanted to talk about kinda-maybe-sorta trying to be beatmaker/producer.....I know I know...what I know about musicianship and sounds and keyboards and all the other wonderful things used in becoming a producer right?....hey...I even downloaded the fruit loops software awhile back....I tried it out for abit...unfortunately, my computer caught another virus and the software was erased from the
I know lucky me right?.....anyhoo....I've always thought about it....but I've never taken it really serious other than a any other passion or work that you really enjoy doing, one must put in the effort and time into it right?.......hmm....idk...maybe so..maybe not..just wanted to share...

alright...well...just thought I'd share a with ya'll whats been happening with me.....check ya'll later 89ers...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Belated Valentines & Martin Luther King

Wazzup guys....been awhile huh?.....I know....You can say I been busy of sorts.

Been designing and working mostly....I think I mentioned that on my last post huh? idk, I don't
really remember. lol. Valentines day was yesterday.......

Yet.....I didn't really do anything. I washed my clothes, checked on my vehicles, stay homed and chilled the rest of the day. No chocolate, no flowers, no candy, no card to buy. To be honest......I was a tad bit....just a tiny bit(lol) sad I had to spend valentines alone, but its whatever. Maybe next year will be different.

Oh and Martin Luther King, happy belated birthday to him as well. He was a god-fearing man of great brilliance and courage, someone who despite was demonized and punished because of his skin color, proved to everyone that strong unity and ambition towards a positive goal can overcome the hardest of obstacles. We love and miss you Dr. King.

Its black history month....had to through that in

On the sports side of things, I been hearing alot about Jeremy Lin of the knicks. Dude can ball, I admit. But
it remains to be seen if he can sustain it at this level, because teams will start studying film of you heavy once
you start getting noticed. We'll see. In NFL news, Randy Moss wants to un-retire so to speak. I know it seems like a gamble because he takes some plays off, but for my Texans, since we desperately need a #2 receiver, I'd take a shot with him. Granted he's older at 35, but he can still show up at tip-top shape and run a 4.3, yeah, I down with it. But thats my opinion anyways.

Before I jet, go one last thing......R.I.P. to one of the most incredible singers of our generation, not to mention a beautiful soul and  human being.....Whitney Houston. You will be greatly missed...

Alright has been lovely...I'll catch up with ya'll later....1