Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Most Disliked People In Sports: A Look Into The Fans & Athletes 3rd Eye

Like any form of entertainment or industry, their has always been a rank from the unpopular and popular.
People either like you or they don't, that's just the way it is. In sports, this has never been truer. Over the years, in sports, we've had scandals that  many claim affected the way we few are sports figures, from the Barry Bonds steroids saga, to Terrell Owens quirky rants for not getting the ball, to more serious events, like the Michael Vick situation & his dogs, or Tiger Woods and his personal life exposed. Lets not forget about the Pac-Man drama(although he appears to have calmed Granted, every one's situation was handled differently then the other and had various outcomes, but nevertheless, the public has grown a sharper eye in evaluating an athlete's moral capacity and personal behavior. I find it interesting how most of the general public hold an athlete to a higher standard of responsibility sometimes, due to them being role models, but in the process, forget that they are regular human beings like us, who if given such duplicity, are to being forgiven, if the public chooses to due so. Any who, I gotten off me, is a list of the top 10 most disliked people in the world of sports.  Ranging from owners to players, this list shows how must disgust the general public has for their image, at least in the sports world. Whether we like it or not, athletes are role models. Period, point blank. They have their own reality shows, clothing lines, ad campaign, their on cereal boxes, etc. So, when your child sees your favorite boxer or quarterback get arrested at a strip club or another social event, of course their going to feel let down. Of course, as parents, you already know this. The point I wanted to make is simple: Athletes are human, just like the rest of us. Their not invincible or invulnerable to pain or image distrust. They now have to keep a third eye out  because now they know. They know we're watching...waiting...for them to mess up.. To make that mistake that could potential hurt the careers.....granted, its nothing new, but in the world of technology & social media,  athletes need to make smarter decisions now more than ever.

Top Ten Most Disliked People In Sports
1. Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis
2. Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick
3. Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones
4. PGA Golfer Tiger Woods
5. Tampa Rays Outfielder Manny Ramirez
6. Bengals Wide Receiver Terrell Owens
7. Washington Redskins Defensive End Albert Haynesworth
8. Former MLB Player Mark McGwire
9. NCAA Basketball Analyst Bob Knight
10. Titans Wide Receiver Randy Moss


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